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Go Bozhou has been launched to
promote this historic city in
China to the world.
Cao Cao's Tomb has been found!
40 miles outside of Bozhou, in
a scenic spot...
Along with our sister site -
Bozhou newspaper, Go Bozhou is having
its opening ceremony...

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Welcome to Bozhou

The capital of traditional chinese medicine since 'Hua Tou' first pioneered the use of anesthesia in medical operations in 509ad.

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Traditional Medicine-Future Health

bozhou medicine market Bozhou has a rich history. It used to be the capital of the Shang Dynasty, dating back 3,700 yeas ago. In the Tang Dynasty, Bozhou was one of the ten states authorized by the government. At the time of the Three Kingdoms (220-265), Bozhou was the second capital of the Wei Kingdom.



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Steeped in local history,

Bozhou is also home to Disney's famous heroine MULAN.
It was also the site of the Capital of China during Cao Cao's reign in the 3 kingdoms dynasty.

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